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SHADE Industries provides the following services:

Design / Shade Studies

We specialize in providing shade when and where the shade is desired. Identifying a specific shade goal at the beginning of the conversation allows us to design a shade structure that will produce beneficial shade coverage. 3D models of proposed designs are built utilizing SketchUp (among other powerful modeling programs) that allow a project to be geographically located and produce accurate shade studies rendered any time of the day and/or year. Conceptual designs are then proposed, keeping in mind shade goals, project limitations, and budget.

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Engineering / Permitting

SHADE Industries has a highly qualified drafting team who specialize in converting 3D conceptual models into 2D architectural plan sets and taking the concept through to an achievable finished product. We work closely with our engineer to determine steel sizes, footing options, and structurally sound anchor points when attaching to existing structures. Our team also handles the building permit process through local municipalities. Our continued relationships with local municipalities typically lead to a smooth building approval process.

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Steel Fabrication

Our in-house fabrication team is responsible for welding, handling powder coating and/or galvanizing (if desired) all steel components utilized in our custom structures. Our certified welders produce consistently strong and clean welds, resulting in professionally fabricated structural components that are built to last.

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The installation crews at SHADE Industries are responsible for layout, excavation, and installation of structural steel components required for each particular project, as well as properly installing and tensioning each custom shade sail. All installers are required to pass a thorough background check, possess a Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card and pass a DOT physical. Other safety trainings and certifications our installers must carry include: OSHA-10, Fall Protection, Scissor and Boom Lift Operation, Forklift Operation, as well as First Aid with CPR, among others.

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When appropriate, SHADE Industries can repair any shade sail or canopy, regardless of who the original manufacturer was. We are able to replace panels, resew seams, or perform on-site welding repairs. We use the same top quality Tenara thread and fabrication techniques that we use in our new projects. We offer full removal, storage, and reinstallation services as well.

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Sometimes it makes sense to consider a full replacement when there is severe damage or the fabric is near the end of its lifespan. When making a full replacement, the option of changing the fabric material and/or color is available. As with repair, we offer full removal and installation services. All replacements carry a new workmanship and material warranty.

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Improving Competitors’ Existing Structures

We often hear comments such as “The sails I got from someone else don’t shade as much as we thought they would” or “We wish we could do things differently now that we know how they work. Shade sails are exceptionally versatile and can shade where many other shade products cannot, but when designed and installed by inexperienced contractors, they can be ineffective at providing shade. In many of these cases, we can make small changes such as adding a new column or attachment point and reshape the material to improve shade performance.

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