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SHADE Industries is a specialty construction company with a focus on shade sails and custom tension fabric shade structures. Nearly every project we build is tailored to each client’s specific shade goals, wants, and unique project site. Our wide range of high quality and customizable shade products is the foundation of your project and makes us one of the top shade providers in the business. Our award-winning team will assist you in each step of the process, from design concepts through installation, leaving you with a custom, functional architectural masterpiece.


Whether you are looking for a new shade sails addition or need to replace an existing sail, SHADE Industries is the leading provider of custom tension fabric shade sails. All of our sails are custom made to exact field measurements of the anchor points, allowing for a precise fit. Sails are stitched together utilizing a lock stitch with Tenara thread (the industry leader in UV resistant thread), thus minimizing the potential of failure due to separated seams. Our shade sails, when properly installed and maintained, should have a lifespan of 12-18 years.

SHADE Structures

Shade structures are custom structures composed of structural steel components (columns, wall brackets, structural tabs) and tensioned fabric shade sails or panels that span between those structural elements. Shade structures offer flexibility in terms of function and aesthetics. Because most tension fabric shade structures are not supported by a rigid frame, the malleable fabric easily allows for shade coverage in odd-shaped and unique situations. Every sail is manufactured after steel attachment points are installed and measured, allowing for a perfect fit on every shade sail.

SHADE Panels

Shade panels differ from shade sails in that they generally do not have cable or webbing along the edges for a tensioning system. We are able to manufacture a custom solution to your specific wants and needs. Examples of shade panels include lace-on panels, keder rail systems, and valances.

  • Lace-On Panels are installed by lacing a rope or small diameter stainless steel cable through gromments installed along the fabric edge, which then wraps around a bar connected to the steel frame. These panels can be installed horizontally or vertically, and are able to conform to shapes. We allow a gap of 1-2" between the perimeter of the shade panel and the steel frame to allow for lacing and stretch. Because of the lack of tensioning arcs and the minimal gap, shade panels can deliver optimal shade performance.
  • Keder Rail Systems are technical systems that utilize a cord in the perimeter of the fabric, called a keder, which slips into an aluminum strip, called a keder rail. This type of system, more commonly found in marine fabric applications, creates a tight and smooth connection between the fabric edge and the keder rail.
  • Valances are vertical panels that serve as a curtain and can assist with shade in early morning, afternoon, or winter applications when the sun position is not ideal. Valances are also commonly used for privacy.


These custom structures, trademarked by SHADE Industries, are made in the USA by our in-house fabricators who pride themselves on building the toughest umbrellas on Earth. For those in the market for a permanent and virtually maintenance free umbrella, the GORILLABrella is what you are looking for. The strength provided by the 8"x8" square steel column and minimum 3" round steel arms allow the GORILLABrella to withstand severe weather. This umbrella does not need to be closed like traditional umbrellas and is engineered to withstand up to 115 mph wind bursts.

The canopy is typically shade cloth and available in nearly 100 colors. Steel components are powder coated with a baked on finish with a virtually unlimited color selection.

Let us design a custom GORILLABrella or choose from any (or all) of the following "standard" options for your project:

  • Standard sizes of 12'x12', 12'x16', or 14'x14'
  • Center post or cantilevered arm designs
  • Traditional (all arms down) or shade sail style (alternating high and low) canopy
  • Pre-wired light/fan option
  • Collapsible curtains to create a "cabana" or individuals side curtains

The GORILLABrella is completely customizable to any size you need. We have current designs up to 1,600 square feet with a single column!

HIP Structures

A hip structure is an efficient use of shade utilizing structural vertical columns supporting a traditional hip and ridge roofing system. These types of structures offer optimal shade because of the low clearance around the perimeter and achieving height in the center. Every hip structure we design and manufacture is custom to match the client's wants, need, project site, and specific shade goals.

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