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About SHADE Industries

How long has SHADE Industries been in business?

SHADE Industries (previously named Shade Central) has been designing, manufacturing and installing custom tension fabric shade structures since 2004. The founder of SHADE Industries has been in the shade industry for more than 25 years.

About Our Designs

What is my design going to look like?

Every project we design is custom tailored to your specific shade goals and project site. We will 3D model your project site, geo-locate the model for accurate shade studies, and work with you for the best function and aesthetics of your structure. You will receive conceptual designs with corresponding shade studies showing both best and worst times of year, along with a close estimate for construction before signing the contract.

Can I attach the shade sail directly to a house or building?

In some cases, yes, we can attach to your existing structure. However, in many cases, the original architect and or engineer of your home or structure did not originally intend to have a shade sail attached to it. There is a great deal of force generated on the attachment points, especially in high wind situations, that can sometimes be distributed with wall brackets. SHADE Industries can provide engineering specifications at an additional cost.

How do shade sails compare to gazebos or ramadas?

While a gazebo and a shade sail can produce comparable shade coverage, shade sails do have certain advantages. The profile of a shade sail has the potential to block less of a view than the large mass of gazebo structure, and requires very minimal maintenance (unlike annual upkeep of wooden structures). Also, sails allow heat to escape and generally do not radiate heat downward.

What is the longest span you can cover with a shade sail?

We have found through experience that very large shade sails can have a higher rate of failure, therefore, we generally limit a single shade sail to a span of forty (40) feet. Multiple shade sail systems can be designed for a single area to produce more shade coverage and accomplish specific shade goals.

Do I need a building permit?

Check with your local municipality on permit requirements. This information can usually be found under the Planning and Development section of the city's website.

Is one color better than another?

All color fabrics within each fabric brand carry the same warranty against sun degradation, however, the darker colors tend to have a higher percentage of UV blockage. Color selection will depend on your preference, and possibly that of an HOA or your local municipality.

About Our Products

How well does the shade cloth hold up to sun exposure?

From our experience, extremely well! The typical commercial grade fabric we specify is made from high density polyethylene, (essentially a woven plastic material) and carries at minimum a 10 year warranty against sun degradation. In addition, each of our shade sails are made using the highest quality thread available, which is UV resistant and carries a warranty for the lifetime of the fabric. We also offer some heavier fabric options that carry a 15-year warranty.

How much wind will your SHADE products withstand?

Most everything we design and install is rated for 115 mph wind bursts. If your project requires sealed drawings and calculations by a registered professional, we'll engineer your project per your local building codes.

Will water go through the shade cloth?

Yes. the HDPE fabrics are porous, though they will (depending on the design) direct a majority of the water off the edges of the sail. We do offer waterproof PVC fabrics for select installations.

How long does it take to install your SHADE products?

Every project is unique and carries its own challenges from the initial design process through completion. Because every project we do is custom, the timelines vary greatly. A typical project can take 6-8 weeks, from order entry to completion of installation. Permitting the project with your municipality will add on approximately 3-8 weeks, depending on the city/ county you live in.

What maintenance is required with shade cloth?

Almost none, other than the occasional blowing or hosing off of the fabric. Steel posts are generally powder coated or can be left to naturally patina. We use stainless steel and corrosion resistant hardware and wire rope cable.

How do I clean the sail?

The fabric can be cleaned with a hose and possibly a mild detergent. We offer an environmentally friendly cleaner as an alternative. For sap, bird droppings, or other affixed debris, gently scrub with a rag or soft bristled brush over the affected area.

What if I want to install my shade sail myself?

Every shade sail is custom made. If you provide measurements from anchor point to anchor point, we can make you a custom top. Contact one of our Sales Managers for pricing.

Can I buy a package from you and install it myself?

Yes. SHADE Industries specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of tension fabric shade structures, but if you want to save money and install the structure yourself, we will provide you with custom steel columns, hardware, installation instructions, and a custom shade sail once the anchor points are installed.

Can the SHADE fabric come down in the winter?

Yes! However, unless you live in an area that accumulates snow in the winter, we do not recommend removing your shade sails for a few reasons. The shade sails are installed under tension, and care is required for removing and reinstalling sails. Additionally, sails that are removed must be stored carefully to prevent damage from mice, rodents, or other sources that could damage or deteriorate the fabric.

About Our Sales Process

Do you come to my location?

Yes. Every shade solution we design is tailored to your specific goals and project site, therefore a site visit is critical to the design process. For areas outside of the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas, we are happy to work with you over the phone and via email during the initial planning stages.

Do you charge a consultation fee?

No, and yes. After an initial conversation regarding your specific shade goals and budget, we will schedule a convenient time to meet at your location, discuss specific shade options and explain the construction process in more details. While on site, our Sales Managers will give you a ballpark estimate for your project before we begin the design process. Once we proceed to the design process, we typically charge a small design fee, which is applied towards the construction contract.

How much does it cost?

Because every structure we design, manufacture, and install is completely custom, estimates will vary based on structure size, height, fabric selection, footing details, etc. As a rule of thumb, most project range between $20 - $40 per square foot. GORILLABrellas start around $4800. We've done several projects as low as $10 per square foot and as much as $100 per square foot, depending on the requirements and complexity of the design.

I have seen shade sails offered at retail outlets for under $100. Why are yours so expensive?

The products you purchase from SHADE Industries are manufactured from the highest quality products we can find. The relatively inexpensive sail kits commonly found in big box stores and online retailers are most often made from a lighter fabric with a shorter warranty period, utilize hardware that is subject to corrosion, and often require annual replacement. SHADE Industries is proud to offer fabric selections starting with a 10 year warranty against sun degradation, as well as stainless steel and or corrosion resistant hardware integrated into the sail. A lock stitch utilizing Tenara thread (the industry leader in UV resistance) with reinforced corners minimizes the potential of failure due to separated seams. In addition, every sail that SHADE Industries manufactures is completely custom made to fit the space and meet the shade goal(s) it was intentionally designed for. A properly installed and maintained shade sail will have a life span of 12-18 years.

How do we get started?

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